Protestant Weddings in Thailand

Protestant Weddings in Thailand
Since there are numerous Protestant groups around the world such as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians and others, the major differences in their beliefs are reflected in their wedding services as well. They view the relationship of Christ and the Kingdom of God as resembling the union between husband and spouse. In a Protestant wedding, the will of God is served and Lordship of Jesus would be proclaimed, which is witnessed by the wedding guests. This would be complemented by the sharing in songs and Christian readings during the exchange of vows.

Protestant Church Requirements

Protestant weddings can be held in Thailand any time of the year, except during major religious holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Protestants who have been previously married or divorced are able to re-marry, although some would require a release from their Church officials so that the marriage will be made possible. They will also require you to provide your Divorce Certificate during the marriage registration if you have previously been married, or a Death Certificate if your spouse has passed away. It would be best to seek the assistance a reputable Thai law firm to assist you with the requirements for marriage registration.

Episcopal Church Requirements

A Christian Episcopal marriage is a solemn and open covenant between a man and a woman in God’s presence, although one of them should be a baptized Christian at least. The union requires at least two witnesses to the vows that will have to comply with the law of the land as we as that of the Church. Episcopal canon requires a notice be given at a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled wedding. An Episcopal priest should obtain consent from the Bishop in order to solemnize the marriage, of any previously married parties.


Protestant Weddings in Thailand

The First Step

A consultation with the Rector is recommended regarding the wedding prior to proceeding the rest of the marriage plans. Should you engage us, we will be able to coordinate with your Church on your behalf, in order to avoid schedule conflicts as well as settle all the details of the wedding as well. Therefore it would be best to get in touch with us with all your needs and requirements for the upcoming wedding months in advance.

Counseling prior to the wedding

Prior to having an Episcopal wedding, the Church requires the couples to receive counseling, in order to prepare them for a lifetime commitment. We may be able make the necessary arrangements for you, upon engagement.

Officiates attending the wedding

The Blessing of the Marriage comes along with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. When both a bishop and the Priest are presiding over the service, the bishop should pronounce the blessing and preside at the Eucharist. If you are planning to hold a Catholic wedding ceremony anywhere in Thailand, organizing this may require a great deal of your time and effort. Apart from that, the location, language barrier, and time differences may add to its difficulty. But we may be able to assist you and help you make your Catholic wedding a most memorable affair as well as a stress-free one. Get in touch with us today with your requirements for your dream wedding so that we may contribute with further advice.


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