Types of Weddings in Thailand

When it comes to Thai weddings, there are many different types of ceremonies to choose from. These can range from a traditional Thai ceremony to more modern weddings. These are all great options for those looking to celebrate their big day in Thailand.

Thai Weddings

The Thai Buddhist wedding is a beautiful social ceremony that is deemed separate from the legal aspect of the marriage, which involves the marriage registration. The evening before the wedding marks the commencement of the Buddhist ceremony, which is the act of paying homage to the bride’s ancestors. The couple just wears their ordinary clothing during this ceremony, which is attended by nine invited monks. The monks will be sitting on straw mats with a bottle of water and a glass before them. As the couple sits closest to the first monk who holds a special fan in his hands, a sacred thread is twirled around the bride and groom’s head and unrolled in the monk’s hands. A bowl of water with a candle inside is placed nearest the first monk, which is the holy water to be used the following day. The monks will then proceed to pray and rest, after which they shall return to their temple to await the next day of the ceremony.

Thai Christian Weddings

A Christian wedding is a solemn celebration of a joyous union that doesn’t necessarily follow a specific order. You have the freedom to decide how you would best wish to celebrate such a memorable occasion, and Thailand definitely provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding. If you prefer to celebrate your union the Christian way, we can also assist you with the services that you require, whether it be a Catholic, Pentecostal, or Episcopal wedding.

Chinese Weddings

A Chinese wedding in Thailand is a series of very colorful ceremonies culminating into a simple ceremony on the wedding day itself. This kind of ceremony is most popular among the Thai-Chinese or Chinese expats marrying foreigners in Thailand.

As the wedding day nears, the bride-to-be lives in seclusion in a separate part of the house with her closest friends. At this time, the young women sing laments, mourning the bride’s separation from her family and cursing the go-between for the marriage as well as the groom’s family and even the girl’s own parents. As this extended sleepover often takes place in the cock loft and the bride usually stays here prior to the wedding day, her emergence is sometimes referred to as “coming out of the cock loft.”

Indian Weddings

Thailand is on a mission to win the hearts of Indian couples looking to have a fairy tale wedding in Asia’s “Land of Smiles”. The country has already started a marketing campaign to attract these high-spending brides and grooms and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to continue the efforts.

Ayusmita and Arjun are a real-life fairy tale couple who managed to overcome the challenges of long-distance relationships to tie the knot in Thailand. They wore gorgeous blush pink Sabyasachi lehenga outfits with rich Polki and meenakari jewelry, while the groom donned a stunning white, gold and pink sherwani.

Their fairy-tale wedding on the shores of Dusit Thani Hua Hin was a dream come true for both the bride and groom. The couple chose a venue that boasted of the finest luxury amenities, and the entire occasion was a sight to behold against azure blues.

The bride arrived via a boat across the lake and made her entry under an embellished flower-adorned ‘Phoolon ki chaddar’ while the groom got hitched in a turquoise blue vintage car. The wedding was a fairytale that could not have been matched by any other.

Islamic Weddings

Islamic marriages are common in Thailand and can be held in a wide variety of locations. They can be beautiful and very traditional. The country is home to some of the world’s most idyllic locations and a Muslim wedding here can be truly memorable.

The first step is to register with your local Thai government and then you can have your marriage endorsed by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Once this has been done you then need to submit your documents to your Embassy in Bangkok for them to authenticate and issue you with a letter of affirmation. This process is time consuming but very important to ensure that your marriage is legal and recognised in your country of residence.

Protestant Weddings

Since there are numerous Protestant groups around the world such as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians and others, the major differences in their beliefs are reflected in their wedding services as well. They view the relationship of Christ and the Kingdom of God as resembling the union between husband and spouse. In a Protestant wedding, the will of God is served and Lordship of Jesus would be proclaimed, which is witnessed by the wedding guests. This would be complemented by the sharing in songs and Christian readings during the exchange of vows.


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