Wedding Style You Can Do in Thailand

Thailand offers a huge range of types of wedding style. From exotic beach locations to a romantic city setting, there is something for everyone. But there are some things to keep in mind before you set off for a destination wedding in one of Thailand’s beautiful regions.

Thai Wedding Traditions

The wedding ceremony in Thailand is a unique cultural experience that is both exciting and fun. It is important to choose a wedding planner who can work with you to create the ceremony that best suits your needs. They will be able to help you plan the various rituals that are part of a Thai wedding, such as the bride’s and groom’s water and white thread rite.

You should also be prepared for the hot and humid weather conditions that Thailand is known for. If you are planning to have your ceremony outside, be sure that you wear plenty of sunscreen as the sun can be quite strong during this time.

Dressing for a Thai Buddhist Ceremony

In many Thai religious ceremonies, women are expected to wear long skirts or pants that cover their upper thighs and knees, while men must wear trousers. It is considered bad luck to wear black clothes during a Buddhist ceremony as it is seen as a sign of disrespect.

Traditional Thai Dresses

In most regions, traditional Thai dresses are still worn at formal events. These are usually made from cotton or silk and include an eye-catching over-the-shoulder floor-length shawl. Gold jewelry is worn to add a bit of extra glamour to the outfit.

There are eight different types of national costume for females, ranging from a simple, plain-colored silk gown to an elegant embroidered and patterned ensemble. The most common type of attire is a pha nung (also spelled pha sinh or pha thung).

Another option is the phaba ng ruan ton, a more Westernized form of a Thai woman’s outfit. It consists of a long, tube-style skirt and blouse. The blouse is tucked into the skirt and can be plain colored or striped.

A pha biang or sabai is another traditional Thai clothing option for women, which resembles a shawl. It is a garment about a foot wide and is draped diagonally around the chest by covering one shoulder while its end drops behind the back.

Depending on the region, there are other traditional styles of dress that may be worn during the ceremony as well. For example, Southern Thai women often wear a brightly colored robe, made of cotton or silk.

It is also possible to find ethnic-inspired bridal gowns and a men’s Raj-pattern costume in Thailand. These are typically found at weddings in the southern regions of the country.

Hair and Makeup for a Beach Wedding

The beach tends to be windy, so wearing your hair up is a good idea. This will not only look stunning but will be less likely to get messy during the day, particularly if you opt for a braid or bun.

Prenuptial Photo Shoot

In Thailand, it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have a prenuptial photo shoot. These photos are meant to capture beautiful moments and/or highlight the meaningful places, activities or events that the couple shared together. This can include a photo shoot in a place they first met, their favorite spot in the city, or even their workplace!

This is a great way for the bride and groom to spend some time with each other before their big day, and it can also be a nice opportunity for the bridal party to bond and become closer. The pictures from the shoot can be used as part of the wedding photos or as decorations for the wedding itself.

Door Ceremony

In Thai weddings, a “door ceremony” is held before the groom can enter the bride’s house. This is a way for the groom to show his approval and commitment to the bride, and it also shows that he has the financial ability to support her in her new life with him.

Traditionally, the groom would travel from his home to the bride’s, usually on foot, accompanied by a procession of his family and friends. Along the way, they would carry various offerings for the bride’s family. These offerings have specific meanings, and the bride’s family may give the groom a special offering as well.

Another important aspect of a Thai wedding is the dowry or’sinsod’. During the engagement, a family meeting takes place to discuss what kind of gifts should be given to the bride’s parents, as well as how much dowry is needed.

Once the family members agree on all the details, it is time to start planning for the actual wedding. The bride and groom will have to decide on a date, and the families will hand-deliver invitations to everyone in their circle of friends and relatives.

The wedding itself will take place at the bride’s family’s house, often in a large tent or on the ground, with all the necessary arrangements made for the reception afterwards. Guests will have the option to dress in Western attire or in traditional Thai clothing.

During the wedding, there will be a lot of food. In addition, the wedding will be accompanied by songs and dances.

There will be a lot of fun and excitement throughout the whole event. Some of the highlights will be a cake cutting, bouquet toss, and speeches from the bride’s family and guests.

A wedding ceremony is an important event for a Thai couple, and it can be very emotional. It is an opportunity for the bride and groom to share their love and hopes for the future with their family and friends. It is also a chance for the parents of the bride and groom to say their vows and accept their new son or daughter into their family.

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